30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #11 – Gratitude Breath

30 Days of Gratitude #11 Breath
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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #11 – Gratitude Breath

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A simple breathing exercise that focuses on gratitude can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase optimism  and become happier. 

Grateful Breath Exercise

Take a full breath in through the nose and sit up a little taller. As you exhale through the nose, release the shoulders.

Take a few moments, with attention to breath,
settling in to a neutral, upright posture.

As you take a breath, say to yourself, “I am grateful for…”  It can be simple, a flower, the sun, or even just for the breath itself.

A quick 30 second gratitude breathing exercise will help you be more positive and happier.

Watch students from St. Andrew’s School in CT as they demonstrate the Gratitude breath.


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