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Choose Love February 2024 Calendar

February is Choose Love Awareness Month! It’s a time to focus on ways you can bring more Nurturing Healing Love to yourself and others. Celebrate a...

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Choose Love January 2024 Calendar

Make this the year where you learn how to provide ‘Nurturing Healing Love’ to yourself and invest in your own physical, social, emotional, and men...

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Choose Love December 2023 Calendar

As we begin the last month of 2023, let us continue to practice the Choose Love Formula and spread a little more love and kindness everywhere we go. L...

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Choose Love November 2023 Calendar

Gratitude is mindful thankfulness even when things are challenging. Choose Love with Gratitude in November! Gratitude is mindful thankfulness even whe...

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Choose Love October 2023 Calendar

Choose Love Courage Month October is Choose Love Courage Month. Courage is making the choice to do something difficult even when there is risk of emba...

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