“Choose Love” by Doug Allen

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Choose Love by Doug Allen  

Doug Allen and I went to Darien High School together and after Jesse’s murder, he utilized his talents as a singer/songwriter and wrote, “Choose Love”, what I consider to be our theme song for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. He has flown to several fundraisers to play for us and continues to support our efforts with his talents and time. Thank you dear Doug!! We love you!!! We are HUGE fans!!

Two of Doug’s songs are in Major Motion Pictures! Doug just release his new CD and we are thrilled that it includes the hit, “Choose Love!”

Tragedy brings us closer, it strengthens the bonds of humanity and urges us to rise to our potential. We don’t have to wait to act on misfortune – choose to practice compassion in action everyday. You will find the lines between giver and receiver become blurred and you receive as much healing and love as you give out.

Visit Doug’s website for a free download of “Choose Love”.


Want to do something empowering right now to be part of the solution?

Take The Choose Love Pledge

Set the intention to take your personal power back by Choosing Love in your thoughtful response!