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Julia Richter

Implementation Coach

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You Matter

You are enough. You are appreciated. You are LOVED!

It’s no secret that educators are our modern day SUPERHEROES, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it all by yourself…The Choose Love C.A.R.E.S. (Cultivating Authentic Relationships in the Education System) Program is here to help you focus on loving yourself FIRST. 

Once your cup is filled, you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love…TEACHING, MAKING A DIFFERENCE, AND CHANGING LIVES!

You Aren't Alone

We are here to help you and your team cultivate positive, healthy mindsets, enhance your personal well-being, embrace Choose Love programming with ease, unite greater as a staff, and better support the needs of your students.

Our workshops will allow you to grow greater awareness around the benefits of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), feel more confident and equipped to integrate essential SEL practices within your personal life as well as the classroom, and create a safe and loving environment. 

We'll Be With You Every Step of the Way

We are here to support YOUR Choose Love Journey in whatever capacity you need. Select one of our current workshop offerings or let us know what you are looking for.

We are more than happy to discuss the unique needs of your team or district to create a custom workshop or series that best suits your current needs.


Unique Professional Development & Coaching

Love is at the core of our social emotional programming, for we are ALL connected in the want and need to love and be loved.

These creative, engaging and dynamic workshops are designed to:

    • Generate fun and connection through shared learning and community building.


    • Develop a holistic understanding of social emotional learning with the “self” in the center.


    • Enhance personal mental well-being and professional sustainability through mindfulness/mental fitness and Choose Love SEL practices.


    • Learn foundations to integrate Choose Love SEL practices into your personal and professional life to cultivate a positive, healthy, mental and emotional state of being in order to live and lead with love.


SELF Care For Leaders & Educators

Foundations in Choosing Love

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom

Participants: Up to 500

The transformational, rejuvenating benefits of giving and receiving “Nurturing, Healing Love” apply as much to those who teach the principles of Choose Love as to the students they teach.

Through an “experiential” exploration of the foundational components of the Choose Love Formula™, including Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Positive Intelligence, and Neuroscience, workshop participants will fortify their own social and emotional health while learning complementary therapeutic modalities and fun, creative ways to bring these lessons into their classrooms.

Trauma Informed Experiential Wellness

Creating The Safe Space To Heal

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom

Participants: Up to 500

The increased trauma associated with Covid 19 has created a silent epidemic in education: educators and students with nothing left to give. This looks different for everyone, including experiencing depression, loneliness, increased anxiety, and self-isolation. With more students entering schools with shared trauma, teachers are exiting. Of the teachers who left the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic, stress and trauma was the most cited reason. School and district leaders have a responsibility to establish an environment that not only allows educators and students to heal but encourages it. This is the kind of compassion-in-action we all HAVE to have time for. 

This Trauma Informed Workshop creates a safe space for educators to reconnect to the heart, as it helps to heal from the inside out. Participants will learn how to identify symptoms of stress and trauma, while learning tools and skills to manage emotions, make positive choices, cultivate authentic connections with others, and explore opportunities for post traumatic growth.

Choose Love Kickoff

About The Choose Love Movement

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom

Participants: Up to 500

The kickoff serves to provide background of the Choose Love Movement and overview of our curriculum.

Educators will learn about the researched benefits of the four character values of the Choose Love Formula and understand how vital they are to implement in our daily lives. 

Join us for a powerful story and lessons learned about how we can be a part of the solution to the issues we’re experiencing in our schools, homes and communities including mental health, substance abuse and even violence. Gain understanding of how the tragedy at Sandy Hook turned into a worldwide Movement that is now in all 50 states and in over 110 countries.

Implementation & Best Practices

Choose Love Experiential Journey

Experiential SEL workshop social emotional learning professional development

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Zoom

Participants: Up to 500

Join Kim Harrison and Lisa MacKenzie, two educators who wrote the newly updated Choose Love for Schools Curriculum and the reintegration program, Brave New World.  They will personally take you through the journey to onboard and implement Choose Love at your school.  

Participants will work together to experience the Choose Love curriculum. Educators will walk away with a complete understanding of the power of the Choose Love curriculum and will be able to implement the lessons immediately. 

Master Class Series

Following the Choose Love Formula

Duration: 90 minutes (x4)

Location: Zoom

Participants: Up to 500

Nurture and support the wellbeing of your school staff through an “experiential” exploration of principles, practices and implementation ideas for each of the Choose Love Formula character pillars: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action. 

Each workshop (4 total) is designed to be facilitated quarterly throughout the school year, to provide continuous support for teacher wellness, and to cultivate strong, authentic connections amongst school staff.



Meet Our Certified Trainers

Julia Richter
Choose Love Implementation Coach &
Wisconsin Ambassador

Julia Richter

Julia Richter has a BA in Elementary Education and Minor in Dance. She received her Masters Degree; “Integrating the Arts in Education” from Lesley University and taught arts based programming in inner city schools to help cultivate strong, authentic relationships and build levels of trust, integrity, respect, and confidence. She became a certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and received her certification in Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning and Positive Intelligence.

Julia took her experiences of teaching, coaching and social emotional learning to create the “C.A.R.E.S.” Coaching Program for Schools. In “Cultivating Authentic Relationships in Education System,” Julia coaches creative strategies and social emotional well-being practices to unite and empower educators and school leaders in becoming the best versions of themselves, and to cultivate strong, healthy connections that will help build morale and positive, successful school cultures. Julia is ecstatic to join forces with the amazing Choose Love Movement to help our schools flourish to become the absolute best, safest, loving, nurturing, learning environments they can possibly be.

Lisa MacKenzie

Choose Love Curriculum Writer &
California Ambassador

Lisa MacKenzie is one of the curriculum writers for the Choose Love for School Program. While piloting the original Choose Love Enrichment Program several years ago, Lisa developed a Social Emotional Learning/Trauma Sensitive program to serve students with extreme social-emotional and behavioral needs, which earned the Distinguished Schools Award for her school.

Lisa has spent her entire career, of over 30 years, helping struggling students become successful in school and life. She is a special education teacher, author, speaker, and nationally recognized educator. Lisa has her Master’s Degree in Special Education. She holds her Mild/Moderate and Multiple Subject credentials, a supplementary autism credential and single-subject science credential. In addition, she is a certified behavior specialist and mindfulness instructor.

Kim Harrison

Choose Love Curriculum Writer &
California Ambassador

Kim Harrison is one of the curriculum writers for the Choose Love for Schools Program. Kim was a twenty year resident of Newtown, CT before moving to San Diego in 2015. Kim has a BA in Communication Studies, a MA in Elementary Education, and a MS in School Counseling, and has taught at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

Kim had regional and statewide responsibilities for exploring new educational approaches to advance curriculum and was the recipient of several awards and grants including “Outstanding Prospective Teacher” from a pool of over 200 applicants.

Kim is a volunteer and Board Member of Words Alive, a local literacy based organization helping students to become lifelong learners through literature.

Anna Ramirez

Choose Love Connecticut Ambassador
CEO of CreativeDisruptions, LLC

Anna Ramirez is the founder and CEO of CreativeDisruptions, LLC. whose purpose is to bring wellness through mindfulness, emotional intelligence and creativity through interactive workshops both virtual and in person to a broad constituency.

Some of Anna’s clients include Wisdom House, the Boys and Girls Club CT, and the Girl Scouts USA.

Anna also currently serves as the Connecticut Ambassador for the Choose Love Movement. Previously, she served as Dean at Yale Divinity School for 15 years.

Anna brings over 20 years of leadership and expertise in combining mindfulness, EQ, and creativity to bring the best out of people.


Shannon Desilets
Choose Love NH Program Director & Ambassador
Director of Ambassadors

Shannon Desilets

Shannon Desilets is the Governor-appointed Program Director of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement for the state of New Hampshire. Her role involves outreach and presentations across the state, increasing awareness and integration of the Choose Love Movement to schools, communities, parents, police departments, EMS, universities, youth groups, pediatric offices, hospitals, DHHS/DCYF, Dept. of Safety, Dept. of Corrections and various agencies and organizations across the state. The goal of her job is to improve the well-being and safety of NH’s students, families, citizens and communities, while uniting individuals and professions across the state. She is also an instructor integrating Choose Love into NH’s Foster Parent Training, working with the Child Welfare Education Partnership within Granite State College.

Shannon is a member of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and is a specialist in Post-Traumatic Growth. Further, her international work as an MNRI ® Core Specialist has served families world-wide with trauma, anxiety and special needs.

She is also an international instructor, teaching the MNRI ®PTSD course as well as the Maximizing Brain Potential/school-based course. Lastly, Shannon has provided and continues to provide post-trauma recovery treatment in Newtown, CT since the Sandy Hook School shooting. Her role in N.H. serves to help proactively prevent such tragedy. Shannon is part of the School Safety Preparedness Task Force and leads the SEL implementation recommendation. Shannon has served on the National Governor’s Association core team for NH to increase safety and social and emotional wellbeing for the citizens of NH. Shannon is also a member of NH’s Children’s System of Care, NH’s Early Childhood Integration Team, as well as the Smart Start Coalition for the city of Nashua, NH. In addition to the roles above, Shannon also is a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Holistic Health Coach.

She loves her role in the state of NH and thrives on making authentic connections and utilizing the Choose Love formula each and every day. Her greatest joy is being Mom and time with loved ones.

We are very happy to also have her as the Director of Ambassadors in the Choose Love Movement- for adults and youth, nationally and internationally.

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