Respond & Rebound: Choose Love’s COVID-19 Response to Recover the Social, Emotional and Mental Health of Children, Educators, Families and Communities

Jun 3, 2021 | Announcements, Choose Love in Action

As a Movement that was born out of the trauma that occurred in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, we are uniquely qualified to support children, educators, school staff, families and communities in their recovery from the trauma of disruptions in learning, physical isolation, disengagement from school and peers, loss of employment and myriad other unforeseen circumstances brought on by the pandemic.

We also know that before any other learning can be effective, students and educators need to feel safe, a sense of belonging, cared for, and loved, in a safe and supportive learning environment, and that starts from the inside, out.

Choose Love’s lifespan, next generation SEL and Character Education programs are trauma-informed and encourage post traumatic growth (which means learning, growing and being strengthened by challenges.) Choose Love also incorporates the latest in positive psychology research- including growth mindset- and teaches essential life skills that enable us to take our personal power back and flourish, even in the midst of difficulties. 

Because we believe so strongly in getting our programming into every school worldwide, and in light of the American Rescue Plan funds being distributed to states for their schools, camp programs, after school programs and more, we want to make bringing Choose Love programming to your school, district, summer camp, after school program, home or community easier than ever before. We have created 3 turn-key, full service SEL implementation packages that align with the recommendations made in the U.S. Department of Education’s ED COVID-19 Handbook Volume 2 for creating safe and healthy learning environments that support the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children to promote academic and lifelong success.  We can also help you navigate opportunities and applications for SEL funding in your state. You can have total confidence that Choose Love is here to love and support your efforts and can take care of all of your SEL needs.

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