Support & Training

Choose Love programs have been designed BY educators FOR educators, and most instructors of these programs will agree that it is fun and rewarding to learn alongside the students as each lesson is taught.

No formal program training is required; you can immediately begin teaching the lessons.

However, we do offer the following additional support options:

Kickoff Keynote Sessions with Scarlett Lewis

What better way to kickoff the Choose Love For Schools™ program than with Scarlett, herself? Scarlett will share her inspirational story and the powerful data that supports Choose Love programming in a way that will unite, excite and motivate staff, parents, and anyone else to begin teaching Choose Love!

Meet Your Choose Love Ambassador

Have additional questions? Locate and connect with a Certified Choose Love Ambassador near you.

Register For Program Access

In less than 5 minutes you will be connected to all of our no cost programs as well as our Educator Guide, Implementation Best Practices, Supplemental Materials and more!