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Saving Starfish with Yannick Kabuguza

Yannick Kabuguza is a Choose Love Ambassador for New Jersey and Rwanda. He is a Rwandan genocide survivor and is the inspiration behind the best-selling book “Starfish from Africa.” The book details Yannick’s journey of survival and triumph over tragedy.

Join us on Monday, June 21st at 6:30pm EST as Yannick talks about his forgiveness journey and how he worked on healing from traumatic pain, loss, and physical disfigurement.

Yannick will inspire you and help you in your own journey by educating you about PTG – Post Traumatic Growth.

While all events are free, there is a suggested donation of $20 per event.

June 30, 2021 would have been Jesse Lewis’ 15th birthday. He’s the courageous boy who lost his life in the Sandy Hook Tragedy who valiantly stood by his teacher and told his friends to run, saving nine of classmates’ lives.
In honor of Jesse’s birthday and putting one of the last messages to his brother, JT — “Have a lot of fun” — into action, we are hosting a Month of Fun comprising virtual events, activities, and experiences for ALL ages.
Learn more and register at – http://bit.ly/MonthofFun
Since we began the Choose Love Movement 8 years ago, we have reached more than 2 million children. With your help, we can reach millions more and provide them with the essential life skills they need to thrive and help them improve their social, emotional, and mental health recovery.
For every $1 of your contribution, you are providing the Choose Love programming to 1 child for a whole year. With just $25, you can help an entire class learn & practice the Choose Love Formula; $100 you can help 100 students learn Choose Love and $500, a whole school district can adopt Choose Love! You can make a difference and be part of the solution!