Scarlett Lewis

Scarlett Lewis is the mother of Jesse Lewis who was killed in his first grade classroom during the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 along with 19 classmates and 6 teachers and administrators in one of the worst school shootings in US history. She founded of The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation in honor of Jesse and to spread a message he left on their kitchen chalkboard shortly before he died, Nurturing Healing Love, the formula for choosing love, and to promote social and emotional education in schools as well as a consistent message of compassion in our communities.

Scarlett is the recipient of the International Forgiveness Award, the Live Your Legacy Award and the
Common Ground Award for her advocacy work for peace and forgiveness. When she became a parent for the first time, Scarlett wrote and published a children’s book, Rose’s Foal. Following Jesse’s death, Scarlett wrote, “Nurturing Healing Love”, a story about her journey of turning personal tragedy into something that can positively impact the world. An artist and avid horsewoman, Scarlett lives on a small horse farm in Connecticut with her son and animals.


  1. My name is Samantha Proctor and I am a senior at Dulaney High School
    in Timonium, Maryland. I am not sure if you remember me, but I had the
    honor and privilege of interviewing you for my oral history project in
    April of 2015, my eighth grade year. Your strength and bounty of love
    shown to me that day and through the words of your interview still
    inspire me to this day.

    It is my own fault that I have not reached out sooner. I will send a
    follow up email of my finished product of a project that I completed
    and presented in 2015. I deeply apologize that its journey to you is 4
    years late. Despite the time that has passed, your paramount presence
    and contribution to that project is something that I will never
    forget, and I still think about everyday.

    To that end, I am also writing to inform you that I wrote a lyric
    essay about the experience a couple months ago, in honor of your son.
    It is called “The Boy Who Drew Halos,” in honor of Jesse and his
    visionary drawings that seem to have a halo formed on the paper
    seemingly out of thin air. I have never forgotten the magic of his

    I submitted this lyric essay to a contest at Towson University in
    Towson, Maryland, for their literary arts magazine called GrubStreet.
    I won, and am being asked to read the essay aloud at their launch
    party at Towson University on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. It would be such
    an honor and privilege if you were to join me in presenting this essay
    in honor of your son, and if you would like to come down to hear it
    being read aloud. My parents and I are more than happy to take care of
    any transportation that is necessary. I, of course, understand that
    you are very busy and have lots of commitments so if this not feasible
    for you, it is no problem at all. I am attaching a copy of the piece
    with this email so you can read it. I hope it brings you at least half
    as much light as your presence and the story of your son’s honorable
    life brought mine.

    I tried your email from 2015, but I understand you are very busy. I do not expect anything, I just wanted to let you know the impact you have had on mine and so many other’s lives.

    I hope everything is going well with you, and I sincerely appreciate
    your time and attention to this. Thank you for everything.

  2. Mrs. Lewis,

    How can I support you in your great efforts in silencing the horrendous lies perpetrated by Alex Jones and his movement against truth and common decency? As another human being I apologize for having one of our own species act in such an unforgiving and horrendous way that can only bring pain to you, your family and other victims of this horrendous act.

  3. Scarlett,
    My daughter just attended your speech/program tonight (Nov. 12) in Fayetteville, Arkansas and she was So touched by your words! My daughter, Katherine Hinson, a senior education major, called me afterwards and could not get her words out fast enough to share your story! She was beyond impressed and motivated to help get your message out! She shared the highlights with me, and I could feel her passion and compassion as we spoke! I am so sorry you lost your baby boy. I can not imagine . To take that tragedy and turn it into something good is truly a gift. I am grateful you have a positive mission and are helping others! Your positivity, inspiration , insight and passion will make a difference! You touched lives tonight, who will touch others’ lives…the ripple will be endless. Thank you for sharing tonight! May God continue to bless you!
    Marsha Hinson


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