From “SERENITY NOW!” to Serenity.

Aug 15, 2022 | General

Self-Care and Mindfulness helps create a positive learning environment.

If your classroom has you yelling “Serenity Now!” it’s time to think about how you are modeling your own behavior for your students. An orderly classroom starts with you. Give yourself some real serenity with self care and mindfulness.

Teachers and students have been dealing with a lot over the last three years. Today teachers have noted an increase in disruptions in the classroom.

EAB conducted a survey of nearly 1,900 elementary school teachers, administrators and staff from 41 public school districts across the country which revealed the majority of educators perceive an alarming increase in behavioral disruptions in elementary school classrooms over the past three years, according to Globe Newswire.

If you are feeling unprepared and poorly supported to manage classroom disruptions such as tantrums, defiance or emotional disconnect. We know. It’s exhausting. Start by fortifying your own social and emotional well-being.

Learning the foundations of the Choose Love programs and putting into practice the Choose Love Formula in your personal and professional life will cultivate a positive, healthy, mental and emotional state of being in order to live and lead with love.

You cannot control what happens in life, but you CAN choose how you respond; and you can always respond with love. By doing so, you will create a ripple effect of kindness that can ultimately create a more peaceful, loving world.” — Scarlett Lewis

Generate fun and connection through shared learning, understanding and community building. The Choose Love programs include Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Positive Intelligence, and Neuroscience. .

Practicing self care and mindfulness will help you create and maintain an positive learning environment by managing your own behavior. When you can control how you communicate, how you behave, you can model for your students and reinforce expectations and limits.

Choose Love C.A.R.E.S.

Choose Love offers workshops and coaching to help teachers with their well-being plus learning about the foundations of the Choose Love Formula, Foundations in Choosing Love: Self Care for Educators & Leaders.