How-To SEL Coaching Series, 12 Month Gift Recipient



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  • Your “SELabration” Starter Kit will arrive in your mailbox in the next 5 to 7 days.  In addition to some supporting tools for family fun, the kit contains copies of Scarlett’s and Caroline’s books, which you can begin reading immediately in preparation for your monthly lessons.
  • Upon registration, and then every 30 days thereafter, you will receive an email notification that your new lesson is ready with a link to your Subscription Dashboard, where you can access your lessons as they become available.
  • Your monthly Lessons will include information about the next Live Q&A session with Caroline and Scarlett, lessons from Caroline and Scarlett, and a Choose Love Challenge for that month designed to engage children and reinforce the theme of the lessons.  You can also submit questions for Caroline and Scarlett to answer during their Live Q&A.

After you register, you will be able to access your How To SEL Subscription Dashboard using the login credentials you create during checkout and learn more about Scarlett and Caroline and their top picks for additional SEL resources and experts.


SUBSCRIPTION BONUS: Our Subscription Dashboard and Lesson Pages are hosted on the Choose Love CONNECT Community & Program Portal, the online heartbeat of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement that was founded by Scarlett following the Sandy Hook tragedy that took her son’s life.  Her mission is to make social and emotional learning skills and tools available to everyone, and the Choose Love Movement has created no cost SEL programming for schools, families, communities and even workplaces that are accessible via the CONNECT Community. After logging in to your Subscription Dashboard, you will have access to the entire Choose Love CONNECT Community and be invited to update your Profile and explore/ engage with like-minded Community members.



Easily Integrate SEL Skills and Strategies Every Day

Learn more and view sample lessons at

Now, more than ever, our children need social and emotional support as they are forced to navigate an uncertain future while trying to also manage stress, anxiety, isolation, lack of motivation and a host of other developmental challenges that have been exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19.

We created a unique “how-to” program to empower parents with the knowledge and easy-to-integrate scripts and practices they need to help their children:

  • recognize and understand their own feelings
  • develop and manage positive relationships
  • gain and apply the knowledge and skills to manage their emotions
  • express empathy and compassion for others
  • increase academic performance and reduce stress
  • practice communication, goal setting and planning

At the same time, the strategies and practices they learn through the series will help parents:

  • learn to navigate difficult discussions with their children
  • tap into hope for their relationship with their children
  • improve communication with their children
  • benefit from improved relationships with others
  • experience a newfound sense of happiness and control

Delivered as a convenient monthly subscription, the How To SEL series offers a variety of opportunities to learn from and engage with experts at your own pace, from the comfort of home.