Tai Chi Fridays

Join us on Friday afternoons from 12-1pm EST this June to Shift Into Wellness with Tai Chi!

Tai Chi is known as “Meditation in Motion” and is a great exercise for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Some of the important benefits of practicing Tai Chi regularly include reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, increasing energy, and improving flexibility, mood, and quality of sleep among other things!

These classes will be led by Michelle Greenwell, who is a “movement for learning and wellness specialist”, the President of CanBeWell, and one of our Choose Love Ambassadors for Canada. With a background in Dance and Tai Chi, Michelle combines her love of complementary and alternative medicine tools like Touch for Health™, Therapeutic Touch® and MNRI™ with special choreographies. So be sure to join us  every Friday!

While all events are free, there is a suggested donation of $20 per event.

June 30, 2021 would have been Jesse Lewis’ 15th birthday. He’s the courageous boy who lost his life in the Sandy Hook Tragedy who valiantly stood by his teacher and told his friends to run, saving nine of classmates’ lives.

In honor of Jesse’s birthday and putting one of the last messages to his brother, JT — “Have a lot of fun” — into action, we are hosting a Month of Fun comprising virtual events, activities, and experiences for ALL ages.
Learn more and register at – http://bit.ly/MonthofFun
Since we began the Choose Love Movement 8 years ago, we have reached more than 2 million children. With your help, we can reach millions more and provide them with the essential life skills they need to thrive and help them improve their social, emotional, and mental health recovery.
For every $1 of your contribution, you are providing the Choose Love programming to 1 child for a whole year. With just $25, you can help an entire class learn & practice the Choose Love Formula; $100 you can help 100 students learn Choose Love and $500, a whole school district can adopt Choose Love! You can make a difference and be part of the solution!